Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Working Marriage

German Architectural Digest --one of the most beautiful magazines in the world-- just published the first story we've done together in 15 years.  Roughly translated as "Close to Poseidon" it's an exclusive feature on the 16,000 Euro per night Perivola's Hideaway in Greece and the result a brainstorm we had about working together.

When Andrea was a Contributing Editor to Martha Stewart Living, we worked on a number of stories--she writing and me photographing.  Once our kids were born, she began doing locations and while our freelance careers overlapped, it wasn't until last summer that we decided to try collaborating again.  We've planned a series of articles that we hope to continue this summer.  It's part of a bigger plan for the coming years as our kids start the moves to college and a return to our creative and collaborative roots.

We're both excited and proud.  Seeing the joint byline gave us a nice rush and yesterday we found out that two other publications--one in France and one in Italy-- will also pick up the story.  

If you'd like to read the text in English, let us know and we'll happily forward a copy.

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