Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Interesting....If True

Last Sunday, we saw a segment on CNN's Reliable Sources.  Hosted by Howard Kurtz, Reliable Sources is on after the Sunday morning talk shows. Among other things, it checks on the statements and stats politicians cite to help shore up the arguments they make.  Every statistic cited was either debunked or, at the least, could not be verified.

Last week, Cape Wind (the wind farm off  Cape Cod and that our family supports) was given the go ahead by the Federal Government.   Environmentalists celebrated but one NIMBYist, whose famous family compound faces the Nantucket Sound, called it a "$4 billion boondoggle and giveaway to big industry."  We wondered how, with the support of so many environmentalist organizations including the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and NRDC not to mention the editorial boards of all the major newspapers, could that be?

This morning, our friend from Maine, Ben Swan quoted his great uncle, Harrison Tweed (whom we are assured really had that name) who would always say, "Interesting....if true."

Reliable Sources now has us asking questions about figures that get thrown out so trippingly -- particularly when the benefits are clear and that we thought this was the kind of project we, in the environmental movement, were waiting for.

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