Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mann Oh Mann

This month's House Beautiful has a lovely story Bill shot a NYC apartment designed by David Mann.  Scot Schy, once again, provided a beautiful layout opening with one of Bill's favorite image from the shoot.  Our favorite room in this story is the bedroom perfectly styled by Robert Rufino, the new Interiors Director at Architectural Digest.

You can see the entire story here.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Our dear friends, Andree Chalaron and Franck Hoffman along with big sister, Elodie welcomed Sebastian Philip Hoffmann Chalaron to the world yesterday.

Bill's the godfather and could not be more proud.  Welcome Sebastian and congratulations Andree, Franck and Elodie!

Visit their blog, Giggle Gumbo

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More on Acts of Love

This following was written to Andrea while she was on a shoot in Santorni, Greece.  I was home in Bedford, tending the kids and shooting in the city.  In light of an article today in today's New York Times on the disparity in French households, we thought it was a timely note to share.

I'll be asleep when you read this but I wanted to say how appreciative I am of what you do.  This house work is somewhat thankless.  Especially when you have a career.  Ok, making lunch, reading the paper, the dogs, the cat and chickens, and the hawk all need tending.  Laundry needs to be done and the beds, maybe not made, but at least, straightened.   Dinner needs to be planned, procured, made and then cleaned up.  The floor needs to be swept and the sidewalk neatened.   The vegetables and hydrangeas need water.  Zander's music and Maxie's Spanish homework need to be listened to and a full interrogation given to Simon in hearing him say, "I'm ready for my test".  Then the day job.  The car needs its tires filled and clutter needs to be removed.  There are worries about you traveling that include wanting to protect you and smooth your way.

It's a lot and I have grown a new appreciation of you -- of working mothers. The dogs are badly in need of a long walk.  My clients need my attention.  There is so much to do with the new book.  My cell phone is dying.  Did I call my mother?  Did I call yours?  The broker called.  Are the logistics on tomorrow's shoot finalized?  When you are here, I like reading the paper until the coffee is gone.  I miss you and while I am upset about having to miss the high school homecoming game that Zander came for, I want to be at the airport as you clear customs, to race you home to a very appreciative family that has missed you and needs you here.  We are once again made aware of how many acts of love you do each day.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Simpler is Better

This summer, when we visited our friends in Greece, we brought a load of Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products--a gift that was absolutely loved.  

A few months ago, Bill shot the new Mrs. Meyer print campaign which is now running in magazines.   The images were shot at one of Andrea's location in Westport, styled by Peter Frank and art directed by Chris Lange at Mono.  Mono, in Minneapolis, prides itself on the axiom, 'simpler is better' and one of the great tag lines they wrote for Mrs. Meyer's is, "Nowadays, everyone is earth friendly.  Where were there manners before?"  Those of you that know us, know what that means to us.  We loved working with a company whose mission we believe in and whose stuff we've used for years. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Talk About Intelligent Design

Baby becomes toddler, toddler becomes boy, boy becomes teenager, teenager becomes young man.  Each stage takes us by surprise, each stage thrills us.  Talk about intelligent design.  Just about the time our child begins to live a life independent of us at college, we are at a stage of life in which to see something more clearly, we have to hold it further away.  How appropriate.

Check out our young man's webcast radio show here.  Wednesday night's live broadcast is a family event.