Friday, May 13, 2011

The Blue Osa

The monkeys, macaws, and other jabbering creatures of the jungle make sure you don't sleep through sunrise over the grey sand beach at the Blue Osa, twenty minutes outside of Puerto Jimenez on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.  As the sky lightens to yet another spectacular day at around 5:45am, the Blue Osa, an ecologically conscious yoga and spa sanctuary set on western shore of the Golfo Dulce, is bustling in its own gentle way.  People are moving about, preparing a glorious breakfast of fresh starfruit juice (picked from trees on the property), homemade granola, crepes, and eggs, while others are raking the leaves from under the spreading branches of the trees that dot the lawn (even paradise needs a little grooming).  Aaron, the resident yogi, is saluting the sun from a spectacular open air studio oriented towards the sea. 

Bill and I and our daughter Maxie had the pleasure of a week at this small --Adam Dolle designed--treasure last week, while Bill photographed it along with his long-time collaborator, stylist Peter Frank.

Some of the photographs, like the one here shot as evening and quiet descend over the casita where guests gather for meals and drinks, can be found on the website of Blue Osa