Monday, March 29, 2010

Dominique Browning's Losing it.

On an interiors shoot, mourning changes and losses in the shelter magazine world is a continuous conversation.

No magazine's loss seems to elicit more emotion than that of House and Garden.  In this past Sunday's New York Times Magazine, former H+G editor Dominique Browning wrote a beautiful piece on her life after the publication closed.  It's an excerpt from “Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put on My Pajamas and Found Happiness,” to be published next month by Atlas & Co.

You can read this great excerpt here.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Family History

I've photographed each of our three kids since the first was born 18 years ago.  I don't always have a camera in hand and have on more than one occasion had to acknowledge I was sorry to miss photographing a moment but I learned to settle myself by acknowledging that I was glad to, at least, see the moment. 

Each year I take take time to continue this series of photographs and when we moved into our house in Bedford nearly 14 years ago, we started hanging the images along the walls between our and the kid's bedrooms.  There are images of each of our three children--in equal proportion--uniformly printed, matted and framed.  I use a frame by Nielsen Bainbridge called Profile 33 in contrast grey.  Because of all the changes in photographic media, there's a wide array of print types.  Some are gelatin silver with newer images made on an Epson Stylus 9800 printer on Cranes Silver Rag Museo Fine Art paper.  Museo has gelatin silver print qualities and allowing us to match the older prints not only in color but in tone.

While there's numerous ways to display images like this,  we love the uniformity along this small hallway.   There's a thrill in seeing our history every day and each year the history grows.