Friday, April 20, 2012

Photographs from Pine Island Camp in MSL

Our two boys went to Pine Island Camp for a number of years and were counselors afterwards.  Simon, our middle child, is a rowing counselor there this summer. 

We have often said that if there is any hope for the world, it will come out of the values learned at a place like Pine Island Camp.  The current (May) issue of Martha Stewart Living shows why.    

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Andrea and Andrea Raisfeld Locations in today's New York Times

“My specialty is really residential,” said the agent, Andrea Raisfeld, the founder of Andrea Raisfeld Locations.  [Photograph: Dave Sanders for The New York Times]

Andrea is featured in today's New York Times article “Homes With Star Quality Are Now Hiring an Agent” by Elizabeth Harris.  

“A talent agent has his or her stable of actors and actresses. My cast is houses and places,” the article quotes.

Check out the whole piece at or download the full article here.

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