Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vacation Plans

Our travel plans for Greece are made.  A strong dollar will provide us with a bargain this year but there is another reason for going--the economic crisis.   In 2001, our Greek friend, Kostis, flew here to be with us after 9/11 and now, it's time for us to make sure we make this journey for his home.  It's our way to take a small part in a recovery.

An American ex-pat living in Santorini sent us a video on YouTube which is a call to action to settle this crisis and halt the speculating and hypocrisy.  We were impressed by Daniel Cohn-Bendit's brave call to The European Commission and Parliament for real resolve. We hope it's a catalyst for substantive action.  To heck with the Tea Party.  Give us a German styled Green Party!

To view the video you can click here.

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