Friday, June 4, 2010

A Sucker for Kitschy Sweets

Now that my true nature as a dumpster diver has been revealed, I'll go ahead and make a further admission.  I'm a sucker for kitschy sweets.   Cotton candy, jelly apples, those orange marshmallow elephant peanuts, pixie stix, wax lips, Brown Bonnets, salt water taffy...  I could easily walk away from madeleines, biscotti, flourless chocolate cake--just about any grown-up and sophisticated dessert.  But show me a rocky road brownie, a perfect chocolate chip cookie, or anything constructed of Rice Krispies and marshmallows and I am first on line.  That's why I've fallen for these cookies I found in some magazine somewhere along the way:  Mini Hamburger Cookies.

More about assembling than actual baking, the cast of ingredients is as follows:

As the Hamburger, chocolate cookies (bake 'em tiny, to fit on a Nilla Wafer),
As the Bun, Nilla Wafers, with toasted sesame seeds affixed with a spot of egg wash
As the special sauce or ketchup, orangey or red colored frosting
As the lettuce, green dyed shredded coconut

These cookies are the opposite of organic, and they are surefire crowd pleasers.  Like Jiffy Pop Popcorn, they're more fun to make than they are to eat.  But, like Lay's Potato Chips, betcha can't have just one.

Now go ahead, build the perfect burger, and serve them at your next BBQ.  I'm going to figure out how to do hot dog cookies.

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