Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Sleeping Porch

With the onset of warm weather, we’ve moved our bedroom onto our screen porch.  We love how living right off the kitchen simplifies life as though we only needed these two spaces and a bathroom. It’s camping at its most luxurious.  We fall asleep listening to the peepers, owls, coyotes and other creatures that inhabit the woods behind our home—a symphony that lulls us on even the most restless nights.  We look forward to night time storms for the cool air, sound and light show. 

And talk about energy efficient.  No need for air conditioning--just a quietly whirring ceiling fan and those sweet cross breezes.

It helps that we're naturally early risers.  The the chorus of songbirds that begins at first light can be overwhelming.  It softens to gentler tweets as morning comes full on, and by that time, we're  up and about our business too.

When the nights start to chill, we’ll add blankets, then a down comforter, and finally an electric blanket.  That’ll get us well into November.  We will move back inside when we can no longer read at night without our hands freezing. 

For now, we’re waiting for the first Screech Owls to arrive—they are willing conversationalists when you know how to talk to them.  And sleeping outside has taught us how.

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