Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What me blog?

When it was suggested that I blog, the scowl on my face was quite plain.  For Andrea, it seemed natural.  For years, she wrote essays about her life that appeared in the New York Times and other national publications, and was a Contributing Editor for Martha Stewart Living in its earliest years. 
She's always had people telling her that she should write more--she has no shortage of ideas (or opinions) and people seem interested in hearing from her.  Andrea's a hub, constantly communicating with and connecting people.  Now with Andrea Raisfeld Locations, she continues to work with magazines,  advertising and design agencies, and the world's best photographers, finding locations for shoots in the NY area and in Santorini, Greece, where we have been traveling for 25 years.

I am the quieter one--the visual communicator.  For twenty years I've been a Contributing Photographer for Conde Nast Traveler, and in over 25 years, I've worked for nearly every lifestyle and interiors magazine published.   My photography has taken me all over the world, and put me in front of some of the most beautiful places and things on earth.

But why blog?   Print media is shrinking but the flow of ideas has not slowed.  We've spent a lot of time bringing stories to magazines, and seeing the world through an editorial lens.  Through our work, we continue to see new things everyday. Andrea and I have built a great life and two homes for our three kids (plus three dogs, cat, numerous chickens and hawk) and we have a storehouse of knowledge to share--not only from our own experience, personal and professional, but from our friends' lives as well. 

A+B See is our new way to do that.  Read it, share it, and anytime, let us know what you think.

Of note: In the 2003 photo above, Today's Word was incantation

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