Sunday, October 18, 2009

Staying Warm

When we get home from Greece, we hope it'll still be warm enough to sleep outside.  We have a screened porch off the kitchen and from May until November we move our bedroom outside.  We've already had some snow, the nights have dipped into the thirties and the heat in the house is on.  In past years, getting to November has been a challenge but this year, we added a heated blanket to the bed and making December the goal.  A few minutes before going to sleep and heading from the warmth of the kitchen, we turn the blanket on to warm up the bed.  Every night for the past few months we've gone to sleep with the hooting of migrating owls--Barred, Screech and the current migrant--the Great Horned.  It's the perfect sleep machine and totally energy efficient.  In the morning, we dash back inside before sun rise to a warm kitchen.

Keeping the house warm but conserving fuel is an important issue for us.  We've learned through years of involvement in environmental organizations and efforts that conservation help can eliminate our dependence on foreign oil.  Last year at the Bedford Environmental Summit we learned about a device called a fuel economizer and shortly afterwards learned that Stuart and Karina Warshaw, friends of ours in Bedford along with Raymond Raphael, had started a new company called Rauw Energy.  Rauw was begun for the best of reasons--they know they can do well by doing good.  Their device--the Intellidyne Fuel Economizer  will cut heating oil consumption an average of 12-18% and at a cost of $695 (installed) will pay for itself in two years.   The RauwLetter they produce also offers tips and insight on affordable conservation solutions and ideas.  We installed a fuel economizer on our furnace and expect not only to save money but to help in reducing CO2 emissions and play our part in helping our town reach its goal to cut carbon emissions 20% by the year 2020.
Rauw Energy is offering A+B SEE readers $100 off the purchase of their Fuel Economizer.  Simply enter code ABSEE when you checkout.

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