Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Birthing / Rising Season

We don't love the ever present laptop in life, but we do know a great thing when we see it.  Recently, Andrea discovered the Nest Cam.  We've been watching live images and listening to the sounds of a bald eagle's nest in Decorah, Iowa.  It's birthing time for birds of prey in North America and like those dream machines we see in hotel rooms that simulate rain or the sea, the Nest Cam does the same.  Raise the sound, set it to full screen and take a step outside.

On a separate but somewhat related note, we recently got an email from Mayami Tatsuta an Art Director from McGarry Bowen that Bill's worked with.  Mayumi is organizing an benefit for the earthquake and tsumani victims in Japan.  Called Japan:Rising, the event will be at Milk Studios on April 28.  You can bid on Bill's photograph Birth of a Saker Falcon at that event.  For more information, contact Mayumi.

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