Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pate's Tapes

Charles Pates, the Creative Director at Garnet Hill has a fascinating sideline.  In 1977 he started making mixed tapes from what sounds like one of the most remarkable collection of vinyl records on the planet. The tapes started to be heard at bars and restaurants but with the digital age, that changed.  But now that's changed again.  Charles just turned us onto a new site he's launched called  He's taken this monumental collection of mixes and uploaded them for your pleasure.  Right now there are 10 mixes online but if the response to the site is any indication, he'll be making a lot more available soon.  Within the first month of launching, he had nearly 6,000 hits from all over the world and all the music aficionados we've turned onto the site are blown away by it.  Check out the site here and keep an eye on it for more releases.

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