Sunday, July 25, 2010

Overhearing Things

Overheard at a recent Dave Matthews Concert in Camden, NJ:

“I wouldn’t walk barefoot on that.”

“Someone should tell that girl to stand up straight.  Bad posture is so unattractive”

“Well, that outfit does NOT enhance her figure.”

“I should have brought my glasses, I’m never gonna see him.”

“I better go to the bathroom one more time before it starts.”

“You need to do some Kegels.”

“Oh, that breeze feels good.”

“Damn.  I forgot to bring Advil.”

“I’d get Reynaud’s holding that drink.”

While our fun-loving souls may stop aging at around 21, our corporeal selves  continue to move along the timeline of life.  While we drank and danced and enjoyed ourselves immensely, these very words came out of the mouths of me and my similarly middle-aged girlfriends.  Perhaps you noticed us there.  We were the ones in the FitFlops.  (I'm fairly sure real 21 year olds don't have extended discussions about the relative merits of various foot callous treatments.)

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